What makes us uniquely exceptional?

  • Secure Premium Voice Quality
  • Lowest Call Rates Worldwide
  • Pay with Ease
  • Lifetime Credits
  • No Call Dropping
  • Consistent Rates Worldwide
  • Transfer Funds with Ease


Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to tell you that more than 95% of our customers are satisfied with Vinota


Countries Connected

Vinota has 200+ countries directly connected to deliver best rate to customers.


True Customer Support

Vinota offers true 24/7 customer support


Cheaper call charges

You can save upto 80% on your call charges with Vinota

Top Destinations

feature-image Vinota offers ease of use, affordability, and a glitch-free experience. Users find it easy to navigate and use for making international calls. The app likely has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of making calls to different countries. One of key advantages of Vinota is affordability. feature-image

Bhagyesh Kalburgi

feature-image This is the best app for international calls for me. I am getting a lot of benefits from using it. For example - can talk at affordable rates, network is very good, interface is very nice, background calling facility, call recording facility and many more benefits are getting by using these apps. Many thanks to the authorities for giving us such an app. feature-image

Washim Khan

feature-image Very good app to call International. There is no disconnection while doing the calls. Only one negative I found sometimes it's taking too long for to getting online. It will show connecting then app will close automatically. We are paying this much and calling at least it should work well in all part. feature-image

Soliha GoDz

Accessible to Any Device: Android and iOS

Experience the convenience and flexibility of Vinota across all your devices. Our app is designed to be compatible with various platforms, ensuring that you can enjoy seamless communication no matter which device you prefer.