Save Money with Vinota

  • Lowest call rates to Sri Lanka and around the world
  • Credits are valid for 2 years
  • No more bad connectivity and dropped calls
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Talk as long as you wish , no more dropped calls
  • Secured transaction over the internet
  • Payment via Paypal , credit cards or bank deposits
  • Bank deposit facilities in Sri Lanka and Singapore


Have you ever wondered how to make a cheap call to Sri Lanka that is clear and as cheap as a local call? Using Vinota will help you to discover the answer for your question.


International Calls

Making an international call has never been this easy!

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Living far away from your native land leaving your loved ones behind? Tired and suffered enough of Being ripped off by local phone operators for their cheap service? This is where Vinota comes for your rescue

We know how important that one phone call you make to listen to their voice to make sure they are doing ok. No matter which end of the world you are, Vinota offers you a crystal clear voice facility for an affordable rate.

To find out latest call rates, sign up with Vinota today itself and enjoy a high quality call to Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world for a cheaper rate.


Worldwide SMS

Some feelings can be better expressed by text than a voice call!

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Vinota facilitates you with a worldwide SMS service where you are given the facility of sending Short Messages (SMS) by using the Vinota calling application. Therefore you will not need additional applications to use the SMS facility like you used to.


Access Numbers

Are you a frequent Traveller worried about the roaming charges and internet access?

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Access number is to help you when you don’t have a smart phone or an internet connection. It helps you to use Vinota same as a calling card. Simply dial the accesses number of your given country and enter your pin number. Enter the number you wish to call and you will be connected with the recipient in no time.

Mobile Reload

Caring and sharing have become the integral part of your love for someone.

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Join Vinota and discover the amazing experience of making a cheap call to Sri Lanka.


We are glad to get you on board as one of our prestigious users. Now you are only two steps away from experiencing an amazing international calling experience.

Pay & Use

Unlimited international calling experience starts now! Simply purchase enough credits for you to make your calls. These credits are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

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Save Money with Vinota

  • Cheap call rates with no hidden charges
  • Pay for the exact time talked with per second charges
  • Pay for the exact time talked with per second charges

Reliable High Quality Calls

  • No more bad connectivity and dropped calls
  • Perfect clarity of voice
  • Uninterrupted long hour calls

Secured Payment

  • No unsecured transactions over the internet
  • Payment via Paypal and credit cards
  • Direct bank deposit in Sri Lanka and Singapore

Vinota Apps

Are you out of Sri Lanka and always on the go? Here is the perfect solution for all your communication purposes!


Vinota is all about connecting individuals who are apart but want to remain in touch with their loved ones. International calls from your Android phones powered by Vinota are the clearest in clarity and greatest in user-friendliness!

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iPhone & ipad

Make international calls from your iPhone or ipad and let your friends and family residing in Sri Lanka know how much you care for them. Vinota makes it simple and cost effective.

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Windows PC

We provide cheap international calls for PCs as well. We do not have any excuses in connecting you and Sri Lanka. It is not a must for you to have a smart phone. Vinota is compatible in your PCs as well.

The newest app that we have is an app for

What do people think?

Vinota rates are very reasonable and affordable, customer service is excellent.

Prashantha Wijesinghe Switzerland

I have been uses vinota for last 5 years and I’m rally happy with their call quality

P. Sivanesan Landon, UK

I have tried many ways to call Sir Lanka, but I never found a one like vinota, vinota is best. I’m highly recommend vinota cause it’s a best and cheapest way to call Sir Lanka

J.Perera Australia

Good quality and lowest calling rates. It is a awesome, also easy to use and recharge

S. Samarasingha

I’m really happy about Vinota, now I’m saving more than 50% from my calling cost. It is really help us. We do love Vinota

Paul Smith

About Us

Vinota makes you to say HELLO with a SMILE!

Calling your loved ones residing in Sri Lanka from abroad has never been this simple and quick! Vinota provides the cheapest calls to Sri Lanka and connects you and your nearest and dearest with no intermissions.

call to sri lanka

Vinota is a hi-tech initiative from its parent company Centavo (Pvt) Ltd. Vinota was officially started in early 2008 with the aim of linking Sri Lankan migrant workers, delegates, students, expats and families living globally with their loved ones in Sri Lanka. Before, a majority of Sri Lankans abroad had no options other than to use very expensive and unreliable long distance telecommunication facilities. As a result Vinota was introduced to fill this gap in the market. The state of the art technology used by Vinota helps many Sri Lankans living elsewhere to call Sri Lanka at affordable call rates while enjoying premium telecommunication services.


Vinota’s cheap calls to Sri Lanka remain the most cost effective in the market


The calls made via Vinota are of crystal clear quality


No hidden charges and regrets after making a call to Sri Lanka


Vinota passes all the benefits of the latest technology to its esteemed customers

Apps from Vinota for easy international calls are not only economical but also convenient, flexible and user-friendly. The process of calling via Vinota is very simple and does not need any advanced technological knowledge. “Sign-up, Download and Use” is the simple three-tier process to express yourself to loved ones at very minimum rates. Another salient feature of Vinota is that users are charged on “per seconds” basis. They will be pay only for the exact time that they talk.

Though Vinota mainly focuses calling Sri Lanka, international users can use Vinota to make international calls to certain other countries at very competitive rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calling cards offer cheaper call rate than vinota?

Have you ever checked the actual call minute offered by calling cards? If not, we suggest you to count the minutes and check whether you are getting the amount of minutes on calling cards as promised in their flashy advertisements.

Does Vinota facilitate only to call Sri Lanka?

Vinota mainly focuses on calls to Sri Lanka. But you can call any country you wish using Vinota which offers you the lowest call rates to many countries.

How do you charge for calling?

We advertise per minutes cost in US Dollars, but you will be charged only per second so you will be paying only for the exact time you talk.

Can I make overseas call from Sri Lanka through Vinota?

No. Vinota can only be used from outside Sri Lanka. This is purely due to government regulations.

What are the payment methods accepted by you?

We accept credit card payments, PayPal payments and direct bank deposits for our bank accounts in Sri Lanka and Singapore

Can I make the payment from Sri Lanka?

Yes. You can make payments from Sri Lanka.

Can I resell your service?

Yes you can. Become our agent in your country and help your friends to make quality calls at affordable rates while making a substantial income for you.

How do you charge for calls?

We advertise per minutes cost in US Dollars. You can select whether your call to be charged for per second basis or per minutes basis. (Please note that this option is only available to call Sri Lanka)

How do you I select per minute or per second billing ?

Add * in front of your number when you want to make calls with per minutes base and to activate per second billing just as usual calling,

i.e.: when calling to Sri Lanka with per minutes basis you should dial *94777123456 .

Are there are any other charges?

No, we don’t have any hidden charges, you will be paying only for what you use with vinota.

Will my card details be safe?

Yes, we use the most secured payment processor in the world, therefore your card details are 100% secured.

When does my calling credit expire?

Your credit will be valid for two years from the date of purchase.

More questions?

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We do not want to limit our scope to only providing cheap calls to Sri Lanka. We wanted to do something beyond a commercial activity and as a result we have initiated several charitable activities in our mother Lanka.

call to sri lanka
call to sri lanka

A portion of the profit that we make by the operational activities of Vinota will be used for this purpose. We are also happy to declare that Vinota users while talking and taking care of their loved ones are also helping the society through this initiative.


An initiative was launched for an under privileged school in Kithulgala located in the outskirts of Colombo.

call to sri lanka

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